A neighbourhood facility comprising of variety of shops for sale by the developer. In addition, the facility also comprises services and recreation for the community. Currently under construction 

The shopping mall is located on a parcel of land approx. 133,000sq.ft. while the shopping mall building occupies about 58,000sq.ft. It has a parking space of around 50,000sq. ft for about 180 customer cars.

The shopping mall is designed to have the following services:

• 2 x 8000sq. ft retail banking halls; for purchase/ letting to commercial banks.
• 4000sq. ft Commercial Luxury Gym
• 4000sq. ft Game Arcade
• 60,000sq. ft of lettable shops
• 4000sq. ft. fast food restaurants i.e. Food Court.
• Over 20,000sq. ft of retail supermarket space.