About Us

Adkan Service Nigeria Limited is a wholly indigenous construction company with a bias of undertaking construction projects essentially within the country. The reason for this nationalistic and patriotic bent is to join hands with others of like minds in other specialised fields in making Nigeria not only the pride of other nations but a reference point in Architectural designs and brilliantly executed construction projects. In furtherance of this mission statement, it is worth stating that all our completed projects can stand the test of time and can also compete favourably with similar projects elsewhere in the world.
Our offices are adequately equipped and staffed to handle major building/ civil engineering projects water supply and treatment. We have an enormous fund of experience of all types of building and civil Engineering works. Our past performance demonstrates our ability to complete projects successfully, on time (and even ahead of time) and within budget.
We have satisfied many clients all over the country including government, public authorities and in the private sector. This satisfaction is underlined by the number of repeat commissions which we have receive from past clients. We are also used to solving problems, we do not lack skilled labour, equipment, materials and transportation.
Our company management is indigenous with full executive powers and our technical staff is also Nigeria. This technical and managerial arrangement allows for decisions to be made and work progressed rapidly using knowledge of local conditions and requirements. Our technical staff keep in touch with advance in the industry and we make use of the latest appropriate building and construction technology, methods and materials in all our projects.
We also call outside specialist consultants where necessary. It is our aim to achieve a good working relationship with our clients, based on a mutual understanding of needs and problems, a constant striving for quality in performance and within budget.

Adkan has executed all kinds of civil Engineering projects including roads, bridges, water supply, water treatment, distribution system, sewage, drainage, irrigation, public utilities and erosion control. We are able to adopt the most modern techniques, and adhering to any set of specifications. We own a full range of heavy equipment for earth moving, haulage and pre-stressed concrete production activities.


To become the first among equals in the onerous but socially responsive task of turning deserts into palaces, converting shrubs to cities, creating a beautiful scenery out of an otherwise abandoned jungle so as to spice up the whole gamut of development and make life easier, bearable and generally worth living for all and sundry.

As a first rate indigenous company, we are committed to towering above others in the business of Housing development via a via other construction projects. In the pursuance of this goal, we have chosen to place great emphasis on quality and excellence, and also treat every brief with despatch without closing our eyes to details.

The thrust of our attendant success lies in our abundance of human and material resources. Ours is an assemblage of the finest indigenous talents blessed with the right brains, endowed with the needed expertise and fuelled by the drive to deliver. Sprinkle this with a wide mass of machines and modern equipment that any serious construction company can boast of. Mix with a friendly working environment that makes working a whole hug of fun and one that rewards hard work and frowns at indolence. Stir all together and there you have our strength-the secret of our overwhelming success.

Board of Directors

Dr. Adeyinka Bibilari
Chairman of the Board

Engr. Babatunde OlalekeMember

Mr. Olabanjo Obaleye

Akin Arikawe (OON)

Maj. General (Retd) Ishaku-Pennap

Mr. Oyekunle Ade

Mrs Tolu Osho
Company Secretary

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